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Maturation of US Culture

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The Maturation of American Culture

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The Legal Framework of American Life

  • WEB List of US Supreme Court Decisions [Wikipedia]
  • Ex parte Milligan, 1866 [At USInfo]
    The Supreme court insists on the rights of individuals, even during war.
  • Morrill Act, 1862 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Allowed western states to establish land grant college.
  • Bradwell v. Illinois, 1873 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    The supreme court agreed that women could be banned from the bar.
  • Pendleton Act, 1883 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Regulated the neutrality of the civil service.
  • Muller v. Oregon, 1908 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Allowed states to create worker protection laws
  • Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Established the legal basis for American apartheid in the South.
  • Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 1886 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Yick Wo v. Hopkins is the first instance of the Court inferring the existence of discrimination from data about a law's application, a technique that would be used again in the 1960s to strike down statutes discriminating against African Americans.

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The Gilded Age

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The Emergence of Modern Politics

  • Dorothea Lynde Dix (1802-1887): Memorial to the Massachusetts Legislature, 1843 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    On social reform of prisons and facilities for the mentally ill.
  • Horace Mann (1796-1859): Report No. 12 of the Massachusetts School Board, 1848 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
  • People's Party Platform, 1896 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Radical rural/farmers' party. The roots of American "populism"..
  • William Jennings Bryan: Cross of Gold Speech July 8, 1896 [At American Revolution] [Internet Archive version here]
  • Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919, Pres., 1901-1909): The New Nationalism, 1910 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    The famous speech at Ossowatomie, Kansas, on August 31, 1910, which contains the kernel of the "Progressive" ideas which would lead to the modern American welfare state. So a speech outlining modern Aamerican "liberalism" by a Republican.
  • Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924, pres. 1913-1921): First Inaugural, 1913 [At USInfo] [Internet Archive version here]
    Wilson's vision, in contrast to Roosevelt's, is of a small-unit economy presided over by a government of limited powers. In other words, a speech echoing major themese in modern American conservatism by a Democratic president.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Political Assessments in the Coming Campaign, The Atlantic Monthly, July 1892 [Was At The Atlantic, now Internet Archive]

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American Thought

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American Literature

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