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The Manifesto of The Laodong Party, February, 1951

The main task of the Viet Nam Laodong Party now is:

To unite and lead the working class, the working masses and the entire people of Viet Nam in their struggle to wipe out the French colonialists and defeat the American interventionists; to bring the liberation war of the Viet Nam people to complete victory, thereby making Viet Nam a genuinely independent and united country.

The Viet Nam Laodong Party fully supports the Government of the Viet Nam Democratic Republic, unites and co-operates closely with other parties and organisations in the Lien Viet Front in order to realise fully the peoples democratic regime-politically, economically, socially and culturally.

The Viet Nam Laodong Party stands for guaranteeing the legitimate interests of all strata of the people.

It recommends that special care should be taken to raise the material and moral standards of living of the army, which fights for the defence of the country against the enemy, and which had been enduring the greatest hardships.

The workers, who are fighters in production, must have the opportunity continually to improve their living conditions and to take part in running their own enterprises.

The peasants, who are production combatants in the rural areas, must benefit from the reduction of land rent and interest and from appropriate agrarian reforms.

The intellectual workers must be encouraged and assisted in developing their abilities.

Small trades-people and small employers must be assisted in developing trade and handicrafts.

The national bourgeoisie must be encouraged, helped and guided in their undertakings to contribute to the development of the national economy.

The right of the patriotic landlords to collect land rent in accordance with the law must be guaranteed.

The national minorities must be given every assistance and must enjo~ absolute equality in rights and duties.

Effective help must be rendered to the women so as to bring about equality between men and women.

Believers in all religions must enjoy freedom of worship. Overseas Vietnamese in foreign countries must be protected.

The lives and properties of foreign residents in Viet Nam must be protected. Chinese nationals in particular, if they so desire, will be allowed to enjoy the same rights and perform the same duties as Vietnamese citizens.

In the field of external affairs, the Viet Nam Laodong Party recommends: 'The Viet Nam people must unite closely with and help the peoples of Cambodia and Laos in their struggle for independence and, with them, liberate jointly the whole of Indo-China; actively support the national liberation movements of oppressed peoples; unite closely with the Soviet Union, China and other people's democracies; form close alliances with the peoples of France and the French colonies so as to contribute to the anti-imperialist struggle to defend world peace and democracy!

Confident in the efforts of all its members, in the support of working men and women and in the sympathy of the entire people, the Viet Nam Laodong is sure to fulfil its tasks of:

Bringing the liberation war to complete victory.

Developing the people's democratic regime.

Contributing to the defence of world peace and democracy.

Leading the Viet Nam people toward Socialism.


New China News Agency, April 6, 1951.

Scanned by: J. S. Arkenberg, Dept. of History, Cal. State Fullerton.

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