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A Blood Libel Cult: 

Anderl von Rinn, d. 1462

The Image 

The illustration on the right, located at the cult-church of Anderl von Rinn until recently, portrays the "martyrdom" of Anderl, a three year-old boy who became the focus of a blood-libel cult in the seventeenth-century. Anderl is the child being held down and having his throat slit. The killers are clearly marked as Jews by their clothes and turbans (one form of the "special mark" Jews were forced to carry by Church decree). 

 The third, lower, figure is collecting the child's blood in a bowl. The myth of the blood libel was that the blood of a Christian child was used to make Passover matzohs. 

 Note that, as Prof. Schafer recounts below, this cult was allowed to continue in Austria until the 1990s, when Bishop Reinhold Stecher had the images removed. 

 The text of the motto reads: "Sie schneiden dem Marterer, die Gurgl ab und nemen alles Blut von Ihm", literally "they cut throat of the martyr and take all blood from him" or in other words, "They cut the martyr's throat and drain all his blood." 

The Origins of the Story

[Adapted from a note by Veronika Schoennegger, <> of the University of Innsbruck, Austria]

The cult of Anderl von Rinn (the name "Anderl" is a diminuative of "Andrew", like Gretel for Greta) had its origins in the fifteenth century, but only became really popular in the 17th century.

In 1619 a Dr. Hippolyt Guarinoni (1571-1654) heard a story about little boy who was buried in Rinn and had been murdered by Jews. Guarinoni dreamed that the year of death of this boy was 1462. The modern celebration of the the cult of Anderl began in 1621 and by the late 17th century the cult of Anderl was established throughout the Tyrol, together with other boys who had supposedly been killed by Jews (e.g. Simon of Trent). In 1642 Guarinoni himself wrote a book Triumph Cron Marter Vnd Grabschrift des Heilig Unschuldigen Kindts [Triumph, Crown(?), Martyrdom and Epitaph of the Holy Innocent Child].

Some years ago, the bishop of Innsbruck [Bishop Stecher] tried to forbid the anti-Semitic cult and the body of Anderl was transferred from the church to the churchyard of Judenstein in 1985. And in 1994 the cult was officially forbidden and Anderl was supposed to becomea symbol of antisemitism and of crimes against little children. Nevertheless, some very conservative people make a procession to his grave every year.

There aren't many written sources for the story, it is more a part of Tyrolean oral tradition.

[Kathy Rabenstein adds:] In lists of saints, Anderl appears as "Blessed Andrew of Rinn" (b. 1459; d. 1462) - "a boy allegedly put to death by Jews out of hatred for Christ at Rinn near Innsbruck, Austria. The facts are doubtful. Pope Benedict XIV (1740-58) [who also wrote the anti-Semitic encyclical A Quo Primum 1751] allowed the continuation of the local cultus but refused to proceed to Andrew's canonization."

The Judenstein [Jewry-Stone] [Translation by Paul Halsall]:

The story connected to the above picture was recorded by the German folklorists, the Grimm brothers, in the early nineteenth century. What follows is my translation of the story. [The German text is given at the end of this file].

In 1462 it so happened that in the Tyrol, in the village of Rinn, several Jews persuaded a poor farmer give up his little child, by paying him a lot of money. They took the child out into the forest and in the most horrible manner, martyred him there on a big stone, which is ever since called the "Judenstein" ["the Jewry-stone"]. The dead corpse they hung on a birch tree standing near a bridge. Now, the mother of the child was working in a field as the murder happened, and at once her thoughts turned to her child and without knowing why she became very afraid, and then, one after another, three fresh drops of blood fell on her hand. Full of anxiousness she hurried home and sought after her child. Her husband led her into the room and confessed what he had done. He wanted to show her the money which had released them from poverty, but it had all transformed into leaves. Then the father lost his mind and died of grief, but the mother went out to look for their little-child, and when she found it hanged on a tree, took it down with hot tears and carried it into the church in Rinn. And still the child lies there and is viewed by the people as a sacred child. The Judenstein was also brought there. It is said that a shepherd chopped down the tree on which the child had hanged, but when he wanted to take it to his home, he broke a leg and had to die.

Blood Libel Saints: Names and  Links:

This is only a selection of possible material: The ritual murder accusation became epidemic throughout Europe. The old Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. III, 266, lists the following cases, beginning with William of Norwich: 5 other cases given for the twelfth century, 15 for the thirteenth, 10 for the fourteenth, 16 for the fifteenth, 13 for the sixteenth, 8 for the seventeenth, 15 for the eighteenth, and 39 for the nineteenth, going right up to the year 1900 [total 113]. There have been many more cases in the 20th century.

Other Information in the Medieval Sourcebook

  • Socrates Scholasticus: Ecclesiastical History, 7:16 recounts an early Christian version of story about Jews killing a Christian child. In this case, the child does not seem to have become the focus of a cult.
    • Book 7: Chap 16: The Jews commit Another Outrage upon the Christians and are punished

      Soon afterwards the Jews renewed their malevolent and impious practices against the Christians, and drew down upon themselves deserved punishment. At a place named Inmestar, situated between Chalcis and Antioch in Syria, the Jews were amusing themselves in their usual way with a variety of sports. In this way they indulged in many absurdities, and at length impelled by drunkenness they were guilty of scoffing at Christians and even Christ himself; and in derision of the cross and those who put their trust in the Crucified One, they seized a Christian boy, and having bound him to a cross, began to laugh and sneer at him. But in a little while becoming so transported with fury, they scourged the child until he died under their hands. This conduct occasioned a sharp conflict between them and the Christians; and as soon as the emperors were informed of the circumstance, they issued orders to the governor of the province to find out and punish the delinquents. And thus the Jewish inhabitants of this place paid the penalty for the wickedness they had committed in their impious sport.

  • Story of St. William of Norwich  [Account by Thomas of Monmouth]
    An English blood libel cult dating from 1144. [Feast day: March 26]. The first recorded blood libel cult. See the Catholic Encylopedia [1913] article William of Norwich for much background information. [Note that this article, while rejecting the Ritual Murder and Blood Libels, does end by suggesting that some of the cases were based on real incidents.]

  • Cult of St. Robert of St. Edmundsbury [Jocelin of Brakelond wrote a Miracles of St. Robert. See text of his Chronicle of the Abbey of St. Edmunds for short discussion]. This boy was supposed to have  been martyred by the Jews in 1181, who was entombed in the church at Edmundsbury.

  • Cult of "Little St. Hugh" of Lincoln [Feast day: July 27] , whose body was found in a well in 1255, and the death ascribed to Jews. Eighteen [or twenty by some counts] Jews were hanged for his "murder" and ninety were imprisoned and condemned to death in London (although they were released on the payment of a fine). See the Catholic Encylopedia [1913] article St. Hugh for much background information. Cf. Chaucer's Prioress's Tale in which Hugh is invoked.

        O you young Hugh of Lincoln, slain also
        By cursed Jews, as is well known to all,
        Since it was but a little while ago,
        Pray you for us, sinful and weak, who call,
        That, of His mercy, God will still let fall
        Something of grace, and mercy multiply,
        For reverence of His Mother dear on high. Amen.

  • St. Simon of Trent's Murder - Image [At Kenyon College]

    A 15th century woodcut facsimile, from Hartmann Schedel's Nuremburg Chronicle or Buch der Chroniken, printed by Anton Koberger in 1493. Both the Buch der Chroniken and the facsimile are located at Kenyon College. St. Simon of Trent [Feast day: March 24] was a two and a half year old child said to have been killed by a Jewish Doctor at Trento [Northern Italy] in 1475. The cult was only suppressed by the Catholic Church in 1965. This image makes clear the theme of forcible circumcision.

Other Medieval Blood Libel Saints

There were many other such "killed by Jews" Saints. Here is the list by date from André Vauchez, La Saintete en Occident (1981), pp. 176-77.  [Vauchez does name all Medieval cases - e.g. he does not include Robert of St. Edmundsbury.] What follows is Vauchez's list, with extra comments by Kathy Rubenstein on the extent of the Roman/ecclesiastical approval of the cults.

  • William of Norwich, d. 1144
    - Approved cultus, f.d. March 24, aged 12 -- The case for the crime does notseem to been established. The boy was murdered and may have been murdered by Jews, but there is no evidence that it was done out of hatred for Christianity.
  • Richard of Pontoise or of Paris, d. 1179 -
  • Herbert of Huntingdon, d. 1180 -
  • Dominic of Val, 1250
    - Approved cultus. f.d. August 31. a.k.a. Dominguito. "He was a 7-yr-old altar boy at the cathedral of Saragossa, who was kidnapped by Jews and nailed against a wall. His feast is celebrated throughout Aragon." (Benedictines)
  • Hugh of Lincoln, d. 1255
    - Approved cultus. Interesting to note that King Henry III conducted the judicial investigation that end in 18 Jews being hanged.
  • Werner or Oberwesel, d. 1287
    - Approved cultus. f.d. April 19. a.k.a. Wernher. Employed by Jews who were accused of murdering him on Holy Thursday, just after he had received Communion.
  • Rudolf of Berne, d. 1294 -
  • Conrad of Weissensee, d. 1303 -
  • Louis or Ludwig of Ravensburg d. 1429
    - Approved cultus. f.d. April 30. Murdered at Easter. a.k.a. Ludwig von Bruck.
  • Anderl of Rinn, d. 1462
    - Called "Blessed," possibly because the canonization process was pretty well developed by this point. Benedict XIV allowed the continuation of the local cultus but refused to proceed to Andrew's canonization. Approved cultus. f.d. July 12. a.k.a. Andrew of Rinn.
  • Simon of Trent, d. 1475
    - This one is the worst. He was included in the Roman Martyrology (and perhaps still is listed with a feast day on March 24), until the Sacred Congregation of Rites forbade all future veneration. The Benedictines of Ramsgate say, "A child living at Trent in N. Italy who is said to have been murdered by Jews at Eastertide out of hatred of Christ. The confession of the Jews was obtained under torture. The trial was reviewed at Rome by Sixtus IV in 1478 but he did not authorize the cult of St. Simon. This however was done by Sixtus V in 1588, largely on account of the miracles." So, he was apparently declared a saint not so much for his supposed martyrdom but that God revealed he was in heaven with him by the miracles worked through his intercession. Obviously, the cultus was nixed because the story sends the wrong signal.
  • Lorenzino Sossio, d. 1485
    - Cultus approved in 1867. f.d. April 15. (note that most of these occurred around Eastertime). a.k.a. Laurentinus Sossius, age 5, killed on Good Friday.

Other Medieval Blood Libel Links


  • Baumgarten, Emanuel, Die Blutbeschuldigung gegen die Juden. Stimmen christlicher Theologen, Orientalisten und Historiker. Die bullen der Papste. Simon von Trient, (Vienna: Verlag von Dr. Block's "Oesterreichischen Wochenschrift" [1900?])
  • Clement XIV, Pope, 1705-1774, The Ritual Murder Libel and the Jew: The Report by Cardinal Lorenzo Ganganelli (Pope Clement XIV.), edited by Cecil Roth. (London : Woburn Press, 1935) [There were also German translations.]
  • Daniel Chwolson, Die Blutanklage und sonstige mittelalterliche Beschuldigungen der Juden: Eine historische Untersuchung nach den Quellen, (Frankfurt: 1901)
    [Deborah Jo Miller comments: "written amidst a wave of new ritual murder accusations against Jews in Russia in the 1870s,  was...aimed at discrediting current myths with the aid of historiography."]
  • Alan Dundes. "The Ritual Murder or Blood Libel Legend: A Study of Anti-Semitic Victimization through Projective Inversion," in The Blood Libel Legend: A Casebook in Anti-Semitic Folklore. Edited by Alan Dundes. (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 1991)
    Extracts [as given at the Golem Page]

      Among the prime candidates for placement under the rubric of the folklore of evil, I would rank at or very near the top of the list the so-called blood libel legend. Other phrases designating this vicious legend include blood accusations and ritual murder (accusation). These terms are used almost interchangeably but there are several scholars who have sought to distinguish between ritual murder and blood libel, arguing that ritual murder refers to a sacrificial murder in general whereas the blood libel entails specific use of the blood of the victim. In the case of alleged Jewish ritual murder, the blood motivation is nearly always present which presumably accounts for the equally common occurrence of both ritual murder and blood libel as labels.
      . . .
      The blood libel legend is not only the basis of ongoing festivals, but it has also been memorialized in church decoration. Legends proclaiming the Jewish "ritual murder" of Christian children or the profanation or desecration of holy wafers are celebrated in various European towns in such artistic forms as tapestries or stained glass church windows. For example, there are such windows or pictures or tapestries ornamenting the choir of the Saint Michael-Saint Gudule Cathedral in Brussels, a ceiling fresco in the small Tyrol village of Judenstein, paintings in a church sanctuary in the Vienna suburb of Korneuberg, and a stained glass window in a Paris church chapel.
      . . .
      It would be one thing if this classic bit of anti-Semitic folklore existed only in ballad or legend form, but the sad truth is that what has been so often described in legend and literature is also alleged to have occurred in life. There have not been tens, but hundreds of actual cases of blood libel tried in various courts in various countries. The map of Western and Eastern Europe and the Near East is profusely dotted with sites where ritual murders were said to have occurred.
      . . .
      The sad truth about the blood libel legend is not so much that it was created-the need for such a psychological projection on the part of Christians is evident enough-but that it was believed to be true and accepted as such and that the lives of many individual Jews were adversely affected by some bloodthirsty Christians who believed or pretended to believe in the historicity of the blood libel legend. [from pp. 337, 339, 341, 360.]

  • Rainer Erb, ed., Die Legende vom Ritualmord : zur Geschichte der Blutbeschuldigung gegen Juden, (Berlin: Metropol, c1993)
  • W. Kunzemann, Judenstein: Das Ende einer Legende, (Innsbruck: 1995)
    • This book  provides background, history and documentation of the official removal from pilgrimage status of a place near Innsbruck known as Judenstein and a chapel dedicated to the veneration of Anderl von Rinn, a three-year old boy allegedly murdered by Jews in the 15th century. The Association of Contemporary Church Historians Newsletter 5: June 1995 includes the comment that "This book documents the ways of thinking and actions of people who over many centuries have excluded, stigmatized and killed Jews. It documents the guilt of the Church. . .which also psychologically prepared the way for the Holocaust. It also documents the work of those such as the present bishop of Innsbruck, Stecher, who are trying to work off the sad mortgage by setting the record straight, and are now dedicated to Christian penance and reconciliation with the people of Israel."

  • Lipschitz, Leopold, Christliche Zeugnisse gegen die Blutbeschuldigung der Juden, (Berlin: Walther & Apolant, 1882)
  • Deborah Jo Miller, The Development of the 'Ritual Murder' Accusation in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries and its Relationship to the Changing Attitudes of Christians towards Jews . M. Phil. thesis, Cambridge 1991.
  • Deborah Jo Miller, Blood Libel and Ritual Murder 1 and Blood Libel and Ritual Murder 2 [Both informative usenet posts.]
  • Deborah Jo Miller, Cornell University, Patterns of Anti-Jewish Violence in the Wake of the Earliest Ritual Murder Accusations
    A paper delivered April 16, 1994 at the Fordham University Conference on "Violence in the Middle Ages" -
    The paper points out that the earliest blood libel accusations were not accompanied by actual violence against Jews.
  • R.I. Moore, The Formation of a Persecuting Society, (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1987)
  • Osiander, Andreas, 1498-1552. Schrift uber die Blutbeschuldigung, hrsg. von Moritz Stern, (Kiel: H. Fiencke, 1893)
  • Lancelot Sheppard, Saints who never were, (Dayton OH: Pflaum Press, 1969)
  • Hermann Leberecht Strack, Der Blutaberglaube in der Menschheit: Blutmorde und Blutritus: zugleich eine Antwort auf die Herausforderung des "Osservatore Cattolico", (Munich: C.H. Beck, 1892). The 8th edition translated into English by Henry Blanchamp as The Jew and Human Sacrifice = Human Blood and Jewish Ritual: An Historical and Sociological Inquiry, (London: Cope and Fenwick, 1909)
    Deborah Jo Miller comments: "Strack, a professor of theology at Berlin University, concentrated on beliefs held by Christians and Jews at various times throughout history regarding the properties of blood, then followed with a refutation of the antisemitic slanders spread by his contemporary Canon Rohling and a scrutiny of the purported historical 'evidence' for the practice of human sacrifice among Jews."
  • Moritz Stern, ed., Die päpstlichen Bullen über die Blutbeschuldigung, (Berlin: 1893: Munchen : A. Schupp, 1900.).
        Includes the bulls of several Popes and the opinion of Lorenzo Gangenelli, then a consultor of the Holy Office, later Pope Clement XIV. In Latin or Italian, with German trans.
  • Herbert Thurston, "Antisemitism and the Charge of Ritual Murder", The Month, XC (London, 1898), 561;
  • Vacandard, Elphege, "Question du meutre rituel" in Etudes de critique et d'histoire religieuse, III (Paris, 1912)


By Ingrid H. Shafer, Ph.D.

    [Adapted, with permission, from the ARCC Web Page]

    The illustration at the head of this page comes from a small pilgrim church in the village of Rinn near Innsbruck, Austria, where one of my teachers took us for a class outing in the early 1950s to learn all about the evil Jews who centuries before had slit the throat of Blessed little Anderl to obtain his blood--a tale now thoroughly discredited.

    In the 1990s, due to the efforts of Bishop Reinhold Stecher, the panels were replaced by a painting of children gathered around Jesus and by plaques reminding visitors of the terrible injustices suffered by Jews at the hands of Christians over the past millennium.

    In the harsh and turbulent frontier world of the early medieval period Christians and Jews lived side by side for several centuries until Church officials were able to enforce legislation to keep them apart. However, not until the era of the Norman and Turkish invasions, followed by the crusades, were Jewish communities systematically attacked and destroyed by Christian mobs. In 1215 the Fourth Lateran Council [canon 68] ordered Jews to wear a distinctive badge and live in ghettos to protect Christians from contamination.

    Soon rumors spread of Jews and heretics killing Christians for their blood to be used in secret rituals. Some bishops and popes tried to dispel those rumors, but the accusations continued. Other members of the hierarchy fanned the flames of hatred. When the plague struck Europe, Jews were suspected of poisoning wells. Thousands died in the resulting massacres. Pope Innocent III compared the Jews to Cain, condemned to perpetual homelessness.

    Under the Dominican Thomas Torquemada the Spanish Inquisition sought to rid Christendom of heretics, apostates, witches, and Jews [See the informative, but very defensive, Catholic Encylopedia article: The Inquisition.] In 1492 all Jews who refused to convert were expelled from Spain. In the 16th century, anyone of Jewish descent, no matter how remote, was excluded from office in Spain. Eventually, Jews were required to wear special pointed hats and badges throughout Europe. Walls were erected around ghettos.

Modern Persistence of the Blood Libel

  • Herta Herzog, "The Jews as 'Others': On Communicative Aspects of Antisemitism." ACTA NO. 4, Jerusalem: SICSA, 1994 [at]

    A paper on modern Austrian attitudes towards Jews, based on extensive interviews. Herzog asked about stories her respondents knew about Jews. She got this response: "Only two people referred to anti-Judaic myths when reporting stories they had heard about the Jews. Both mentioned the story of Anderl von Rinn, a ritual murder myth from the Tyrol, and the poisoning of wells ascribed to Jews. The young mechanic had a number of stories to tell: Little Christian children are murdered for their ritual feasts.... They drink the fresh blood. That is also the story of Anderl.... They poison all wells --have done that for a thousand years.... They steal the consecrated wafers and throw them to the pigs."

  • Belarus Blood Libel Documentary, July 27, 1997 [at]

    On July 27, 1997 Belarusria State television broadcast a documentary which accused Jews of murdering a Belarussian child in the seventeenth century. The program asserted that in 1690, Gavril Belatovsky, a six-year-old boy who has since been canonized by the Belarussian Orthodox Church, was abducted by a group of Jews, tortured, and completely drained of his blood, which was used to bake matzoh for the Passover celebration. Since its broadcast on July 27, no member of either the government or the Orthodox Church has come forward to condemn the program's libelous conclusions.

  • Modern American National Socialism

    This post appeared on a number of email lists in July 1997. It was written by a modern American "National Socialist". The post is disturbing, and factually incorrect. The direct connection between Medieval anti-Semitisim and modern Anti-Semitism could not be clearer.

Subject: Why I Believe In Jewish Ritual Murder 
Date: 1997/09/29 
Newsgroups: triangle.politics,alt.nswpp,alt.politics.white-power,alt.skinheads.  WHY I BELIEVE IN JEWISH RITUAL MURDER 

Yes, I do believe that the Jews have practiced ritual murder as part of their religious ceremonies in the past, and that they almost certainly do so today, with the following qualifiers: 

 *I do not believe this practice is or ever has been widespread, but has always been restricted to a small number of the most hard-core rabbis and Jewish cabalistic mystic sects; 

 *I am perfectly willing to accept the likelihood that individual Jews down through history have been falsely accused of this practice, just as I believe that on the other hand it has often been carried out undetected and/or unpunished. The Beiliss case in 1913 Russia is a good case in point: Mendel Beiliss himself was probably innocent of the actual commission of murder although he may have been peripherally involved in covering up the act on the part of his co-religionists; 

 *I am willing to accept that the overwhelming majority of Jews are unaware that the "blood libel" has at least a partial grounding in fact and genuinely believe it to be a slander, just as most Jews probably believe that the Holocaust occurred more or less as advertised despite mounting evidence to the contrary. 

 My belief in the preceding is based on two foundations: 

 extensive study of the historical, cultural, and religious aspects of Judaism, and my own personal observation, dealings, and experience with the Jews as individual people over a period of 25 years. I don't want this e-mail to get too prolix, since this isn't really my area of enthusiasm---the Jews' public and political crimes are far worse than their private religious ones---but briefly summarized: 

 1. There is an immense amount of anecdotal and circumstantial evidence that these sacrificial homicides took place in the past, back in times when concealment was harder and Aryans far more aware and wary of the Jew than they are today. 

It is significant that ever since the days of Babylon, a period of almost four thousand years, this accusation (like many others) has been leveled against the Jews EVERYWHERE THEY HAVE EVER RESIDED in the world. Time and again down through the ages the Jews have been caught literally red-handed, in some cases toting the dead body of the child whose blood they have drained away to dispose of it in sacks or wagons, sometimes with the corpse being found in the synagogue cellars, etc. 

The Jews' response to this is "ve is beink poisecute!" They maintain that down through forty centuries of history, there has been a mammoth conspiracy to frame them for ritual murder. According to this theory, in places as far apart as Cochin China, medieval Germany, 1913 Kiev and 1970 Montreal, and among peoples as diverse as knightly Crusaders, Turkish sultans, twelfth-century Yorkshire Saxons, Argentinians, Cossacks, British historians, Renaissance Italian popes, assorted saints and sinners, the burgomeisters of Prague, and modern-day Arabs, there exists one big long, continuous plot periodically to murder small children, drain them of blood, and plant the bodies on Jewish premises or in Jewish vehicles, etc. 

That's one hell of a conspiracy! 

 There are other similar complaints always leveled against the Jews wherever and whenever they have gone---economic trickery and despoliation, refusal to assimilate, disloyalty to their host country, arrogant behavior and hatred against their hosts, etc. The Jewish response is always the same---for four thousand years, everybody in the world has been engaged in a collossal conspiracy to "get" them. Nowadays most people believe that, not suprising in view of the Jewish control of the media of communications which has existed in varying strengths in the Western world since the late nineteenth century. But in the old days it didn't wash. 

 Our medieval ancestors were not fools. They lived with the Jews side by side in close-packed urban communities, very small by modern standards, and knew the Jews far more intimately than we do today. Just like people today, they cared about their children and when a child was slain the entire community interested itself not only for purposes of revenge, but to ensure the safety of everyone's kids. We are asked to believe that time and again, insular communities who discovered they had a child-killer in their midst stubbornly refused to apprehend the alleged Gentile "real killers" and blamed the Jews out of religious bigotry. What possible interest could any community, medieval or otherwise, have in lynching an innocent scapegoat and allowing a real killer of children to go free? Why would everyone in Trier or Lincoln or Spoleto or Kiev go along with such a miscarriage of justice when doing so put other children at risk? Why (so far as we know) did the child-killings cease once the Jews had been punished and (usually) driven from the community? 

2. The Jewish religion allows for and practices animal sacrifice, per the Old Testament or Torah as they call it, although these customs have long been held in abeyance and in theory apply only to the Temple in Jerusalem. There is an entire sect of "Kohanim" in Israel who practice and train successive generations of rabbis in the techniques of sacrifice in anticipation of the day when Israel succeeds in wresting the Al Aqsa mosque away from the Muslims who have held it for 1400 years and rebuilds the Temple. The Talmud teaches that non-Jews are *goyim*, beasts without souls. To a religious Jew there is no difference between a German or an American or an African and a cow or a horse or a fish; all lesser non-Jewish forms of life, humanoid or otherwise, were put here by God to serve and pleasure the Jew. When the Jews claim that they do not practice "human" sacrifice they are by their own weird lights telling the truth. They do not consider Gentiles to be human. 

 3. For the past 25 years I have been in a unique position to observe Jewish behavior and the Jewish character at first hand, since being a National Socialist they don't bother to keep their usual variety of masks on with me and they let all that Talmudic hatred hang out. Anyone who has ever done night duty in a National Socialist headquarters and lifted the telephone for call after call, hour after hour, to hear the crazed screaming Brooklynese of a Jew driven mad by hatred, spewing a string of profanity and terms of excrement, raving like some demented parrot or monkey, totally out of all human control---thus begins wisdom. Anyone who wants to understand the true nature of this "Light Unto The Nations" need only oppose them in public, and he will soon find out what utterly loathsome beings the Jews are, what vicious and contemptible cowards they are, what potentially deadly serpents they are. 

 But don't take my word for it. Check out the Nizkor playgroups and see for yourself. See a Revisionist post a calm, serious, well-researched comment on some aspect of the Holocaust and then see the literally HUNDREDS of hysterical, malicious, hateful, filthy and abusive posts which follow from the little cadre of about two dozen kikes and kike wannabes who go berserk attacking, vilifying, insulting, and threatening anyone who dares to contradict the self-proclaimed Chosen People of God. 

I won't belabor this further, but I will close with two points: 

First off, the Jewish people are entirely capable of practicing ritual murder, and there is an immense amount of historical evidence that they did so. I cannot imagine why they would stop now in this day and age, when they have the power to conceal their misdeeds and the captive media falsely to portray them as victims. How many of those little children you see on milk cartons have fallen victim to the knives of the rabbis and lie buried in some remote wasteland or were ground up into dog food in some Jewish-owned processing plant? I am convinced that at least some of them met that fate. 

 Secondly, the Jews deserve everything that has happened to them in the past and everything that is coming to them in the future, especially when the Palestinians get their state as a toehold and America finally runs out of money and the New Yahk-Tel Aviv lifeline collapses. I do not question that innocent individuals of Jewish extraction have suffered down through the ages for crimes which they as individuals did not commit---but my people and all the peoples of the world have suffered far more at the hands of the Chosen Ones. 

The Jews are great survivors, got to give them that. Like rats and cockroaches, and like rats and cockroaches I doubt we'll ever get rid of them entirely. But the world is a much smaller place now, global village and all that. It used to be they could just move on to the next "Goldeneh Medina" when they wore out their welcome somewhere else---but they can't to that any more. Everybody knows about them now, from Uganda to Honolulu, from Rome to Regina. They've run out of trap doors to dodge through and run out of places to run and hide. Their much-vaunted Israel is going to end up nothing but a death trap. 

There is a reckoning coming, a reckoning between humanity and the Jewish people which will cause the very heavens to darken and the very devils in hell to hide their faces in shock and terror. You might say we owe them a Holocaust. We've been paying their bill for fifty years, and at some point we're finally going to get what we've paid for. 

 And when that day comes, who knows? Even I might pity them..... 


 -Winston Smith 

Comments on Above Text

by Gabriel, 

The "blood libel" is of course very famous (infamous) in Jewish history, and one can find a lot more on it in the Encyclopaedia Judaica. The "saint" described on this page fits a common pattern: Jews were supposed to be looking always for a child, always for the blood, to be used in making matzah. [One of the points I usually make is that pariah groups are always supposed to be a threat to the most helpless members of the major society: Gays, Jews, and Gypsies to children, and Blacks to "the flower of Southern womanhood."] One result is that Jewish communities in dangerous places and times are instructed by our authorities not to use red wine at Passover.

There was an interesting case brought during World War I by a Greek community (Christian) against the Jews of one of the Aegean coastal towns of Turkey. The (Muslim) judge ruled (correctly) that, since human flesh is not kosher, and that blood of *any* animal is specifically unkosher, the charge was preposterous. Still, as in the neo-Nazi quote above, and also as shows up in interviews with modern Poles in Lanzmann's film Shoah, people are still willing to believe that Jews did or do these things!

The neo-Nazi makes a very clever comment in that, since he is willing to acknowledge that the vast majority of Jews have no knowledge of such a practice, he makes it essentially impossible to disprove. I could as easily claim that there is a small clique of Catholics, or Hindus, or you-name-it, who worship UFOs and make animal sacrifices to them; none of the other Catholics or Hindus or whatever know about this, of course, so you can't disprove it just because you don't happen to be in on the it.

I always wonder, too, what Jews were supposed to have done before Christians came along, or for that matter why this supposed ritual should suddenly be "observed" (or claimed to be observed) during the Middle Ages, when the Passover itself had already been 2000 years old at that time!

German Version of the Judenstein Story

[DEUTSCHE SAGEN, herausgegeben von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm ]

Grimm's Tales, No. 353.


Der Judenstein

Im Jahre 1462 ist es zu Tirol im Dorfe Rinn geschehen, daß etliche Juden einen armen Bauer durch eine große Menge Geld dahin brachten, ihnen sein kleines Kind hinzugeben. Sie nahmen es mit hinaus in den Wald und marterten es dort auf einem großen Stein, seitdem der Judenstein genannt, auf die entsetzlichste Weise zu Tod. Den zerstochenen Leichnam hingen sie darnach an einen unfern einer Brücke stehenden Birkenbaum. Die Mutter des Kindes arbeitete gerade im Feld, als der Mord geschah; auf einmal kamen ihr Gedanken an ihr Kind, und ihr wurde, ohne daß sie wußte warum, so angst; indem fielen auch drei frische Blutstropfen nacheinander auf ihre Hand. Voll Herzensbangigkeit eilte sie heim und begehrte nach ihrem Kind. Der Mann zog sie in die Kammer, gestand, was er getan, und wollte ihr nun das schöne Geld zeigen, das sie aus aller Armut befreie, aber es war all in Laub verwandelt. Da ward der Vater wahnsinnig und grämte sich tot, aber die Mutter ging aus und suchte ihr Kindlein, und als sie es an dem Baum hängend gefunden, nahm sie es unter heißen Tränen herab und trug es in die Kirche nach Rinn. Noch jetzt liegt es dort und wird vom Volk als ein heiliges Kind betrachtet. Auch der Judenstein ist dorthin gebracht. Der Sage nach hieb ein Hirt den Baum ab, an dem das Kindlein gehangen, aber als er ihn nach Haus tragen wollte, brach er ein Bein und mußte daran sterben.

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