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    Because of the phenomenon of "link rot" and the short duration of many Internet sites, over 90% of the websites which were originally linked to from this page in 1996 have gone defunct (hence "to be added" holding spaces on this page).. The present list is restricted to those witn a secure institutional base and which have persisted for some time. All links worked as of 17 April 2019. It is, however, probable, that some of these will fail in the future. Users may attempt to locate websites by name using Google or other search engines (sometimes the sites just change their URLs), or look at pact version of wesbites which have been archived at via The Internet Archive/Way Back Machine.


Dedicated Byzantine Sites

Byzantine Studies - Top Sites


    • Byzantium1200
      A wonderful site which provided CAD drawings of 50 buildings in Constantinople as they would have been in 1200.
    • The Constantinople Project Over the past several years, Professor Ahmet Cakmak, of Princeton University's Department of Civil Engineering and Operations Research has undertaken the structural analysis, under earthquake loads, of the Hagia Sophia, the major church built by the Emperor Justinian during the 6th century AD. Professor Cakmak sought to determine the susceptibility of the structure, specifically its large dome and arches, to collapse due to the earthquakes that often strike that part of the world. As an extension of that work into the architectural realm, he recently offered a class which studied Byzantine structures from a structural and art-historical perspective. One of the goals set forth in the class was for students to construct three-dimensional models of specific Byzantine structures utilizing the computer drafting software AutoCAD. This was the first step towards a long term goal of creating a full model of the topography of ancient Constantinople, with models of many Byzantine buildings in place.
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Byzantine Art and Architecture

Byzantine Texts

Byzantine Commercial Sites


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Linked Subjects - Ancient Studies

Ancient World - General

SEE ALSO Archeology Ancient Near East Egypt
  • ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives
    An extensive index of resources on the pre-Islamic civilizations of Western Asia and Egypt.
  • The Duke Papyrus Archive has now virtually completed the task, which began in September of 1992, of making the Duke papyri more accessible. Available are records and images of all 1373 inventory numbers of papyri in the Duke University Collection. (About 200 images remain to be added.) The approximately 2000 images of these texts are presented in three ways: a "thumbnail," a 72 dpi image and a 150 dpi version. All images are linked to catalogue records.

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Persia Ancient Greece Greek Language [See also Biblical Studies links] Ancient Rome

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Ancient Israel

Bible Resources New Testament Period Patristics Late Antiquity Syriac Studies

Linked Subjects - Medieval Studies

Slavic World and Balkans

Medieval West



  • The Labyrinth A site designed as a reference point for all medieval studies on the web. In since 1993.
  • Medieval Sourcebook: Saints' Lives Page Full texts of many ancient and medieval saints' lives
  • The Franciscan Archive, a WWW resource on St. Francis of Assisi and Franciscanism, is now online. Included are original texts in Latin and English translation, plus links to biographies, histories and related materials in liturgy and art.
  • De Re MilitariThe Best place to start.
  • Grey Company Trebuchet web site. It has a good bit of graphical and technical information, as well as links to other trebuchet sites (this begins to look like a fairly popular hobby).
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INTERESTS- Food and Drink INTERESTS- Other Documents
  • Medieval Sourcebook
  • EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe A site is provided by a bibliographer at Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. The site includes pointers to documents and full text works for Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Europe as a Supernational Region, and over 20 Western European Countries. Materials are transcribed, translated, or facsimiles of the originals. Some materials are in the language of the originating country. Time frame is medieval to present.
  • Online Medieval and Classical Library At Berkeley. Contains public domain full texts of source material.
  • Monumenta Germaniae Historica (Institut für Erforschung des Mittelalters, Munich) Page, with, among other things, complete listings of their publications and info on their ongoing project to make the complete edition of sources available on CD (eMGH):

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Manuscript/Document Presentations Art and Architecture Exhibitions E-Journals

Area Sites


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  • Narrative Sources
    This a survey of all the medieval narrative sources originating from the Southern Low Countries. 'Narrative Sources' includes all the primary sources, in prose or verse, written in order to describe the past in a narrative way (chronicles, diaries, saint's lives etc.). Each source is described in 21 fields: identification number, type, language, author, status of the author, title, incipit, explicit, size, century, redaction (place, date, patron, dedication), abstract, manuscripts, editions, translations, sources, influence, literature, desiderata, name of the contributor of the record and update code. Developed by the departments of medieval history at the universities of Ghent and Leuven (Belgium).

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Misc. Medieval

Also included here are the following sites by businesses and re-enactment enthusiasts. They vary enormously in quality.
Caveat emptor!

Islamic World


Ottoman and Turkish Studies Greece after 1453

General Resources

General History

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