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Late Antiquity


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Late Antiquity

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Military Revolution and Government

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The End of the Roman Empire in the West

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Late Ancient Philosophy

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Roman Mystery Religions

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End of Paganism
  • Julian ("the Apostate") (b.332-r.361-d.363): Letter to Arsacius, c. 360. [At Wikisource]
  • Symmachus (c.340-c.402): Relation 3, 384 CE [At Calgary] [Internet Archive version here]
    Symmachus was the most prominent opponent of Christianity at his time. Here is his request to the Christian Emperors to restore the altar of victory to the Senate.
  • Ambrose of Milan (c.339-4 April 397): Response to Symmachus [ep. 17 and 18] [at Calgary] [Internet Archive version here]
  • Zosimus: Historia Nova [Was At Then Again, now Internet Archive]
    Theodosius II (r.375-95) bans the pagan rites and sacrifices.
  • 2ND James O'Donnell: The Demise of Paganism, Traditio 35 (1977):45-88 [Was At UPenn, now Internet Archive]

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Modern Perspectives on the End of Antiquity

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