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Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

Studying Ancient History


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Using Primary Sources

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Nature of Historiography

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Other Sources of Information on Ancient History
  • General Etext Projects [sites with texts online.]
    • WEB Hanover Historical Texts Project
    • WEB MIT Classics Archive [440 classical Greek and Latin texts!]
      These are all full text translations, and are presented in HTML and plain text forms. Some texts are links to the Perseus project (see below).
    • WEB L'antiquité grecque et latine du moyen âge [Internet Archive backup here]
      Editions and translations of Latin, Greek, Arab, Persian, Armenian, Syriac and Nordic texts into French.
    • WEB Theoi Classical Texts Library [Internet Archive backup here]
      A collection of translations of works of ancient Greek and Roman literature. The theme of the library is classical mythology and so the selection consists primarily of ancient poetry, drama and prose accounts of myth. Also has an impressive gallery of illustrations of these these themes.
    • WEB Bibliotheca Augustana
      Texts in Latin and Greek. Can only be accessed in short segments.
    • WEB Online Medieval and Classical Library [Internet Archive backup here]
      A select library of full texts in translation.
    • The web sites below are now only accessible vai the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. They are still accessible and still consitute a useful resource for teachers/lecturers.
      • WEB K. C. Hanson: Collection of Ancient Documents [Now At Internet Archive]
      • WEB Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World [Now At Internet Archive]
        Includes an anthology of texts, much of Mary Lefkowitz' and Maureen Fant's Women's Life in Greece and Rome, as well as other sources. Although the main site is now off-line all the primary source documents ttrasnlated there are available via this Archive link.
      • WEB University of Saskatchewan: Department Translations [Now At Internet Archive]
        Select translations in modern idiom of many texts useful for class discussion. Useful for classroom use over the archaic language of many public domain sources.
        Although the main site is now off-line all the primary source documents ttrasnlated there are available via this Archive link.
      • WEB J. P. Adams: Classics Dept, CSUN [Internet Archive backup here]
        A variety of interesting texts presented.
      • WEB World Civilization Reader [Was At CCNY, now Internet Archive]
      • WEB Northpark University History Department [Was At Northpark now Internet Archive]
        Many texts integrated into the survey courses' class outlines.
      • WEB Paul Brians: Reading About the World I [Was At WSU, now Internet Archive]
        Selections from a published sourcebook.
      • WEB World Cultures: An Internet Classroom and Anthology [Was At WSU, now Internet Archive]
        Online texts and notes by Richard Hooker at WSU. This is probably the best graphical design of any online texts site.
      • WEB Exploring Ancient World Cultures [Was At Evansville, now Internet Archive]
        A full scale online textbook, with texts and secondary discussions, of all ancient world cultures, Mediterranean, Indian, and East Asian.
  • Egypt/ANE
    • WEB Selected Ancient Near East Texts [Was At BU, now Internet Archive]
      Contains selections of Egyptian and Mesopotamian texts from from Pritchard's ANET collection.
  • Greece
    • WEB Perseus Project Texts
      Perseus is perhaps the most ambitious text project on the web. It presents texts in English, Greek and now Latin as well. More than any other project, though, Perseus is of use to advanced scholars. As of November 2022 it hosted just for Greek and Latins 2,412 works in 3,192 editions and translations (1,639 in Greek and 636 in Latin).
    • WEB Anthology of Attic Prose  [in Greek]
    • WEB HODOI ELEKTRONIKAI: Du texte à l'hypertexte
      Belgian site with many Greek texts with side by side translation into French, plus lexical analysis and aids.
  • Rome
  • Religion
    • WEB The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
      Full text of the Ante-Nicene Fathers and Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers series. The basic texts for early Christian history. Some other texts are also available. The whole Church Fathers series may be accessed in a different form (sometimes easier to read) at the New Advent site.
    • WEB Gnostic Texts [Internet Archive backup here]
      The full texts of the Nag Hammadi Library.
    • WEB Online Texts Related to Biblical Studies
      A site that now survives only in the Wayback machine, but all the primary source texts still accessible, and still very useful.
    • WEB Mircea Eliade: From Primitives to Zen [Now Internet Archive]
      Complete texts of Eliade's religion anthology online. A site that now survives only in the Wayback machine, but all the primary source texts still accessible, and still very useful.
  • Philosophy

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Adding More Texts

If you have public domain or copy-permitted etexts, I am very willing to add them to this project. If you would like to add to the available corpus of ancient history etexts, see the following list of texts/translations, now in the public domain, but not all in HTML. Basically any text or translation published more than 95 years ago is public domain in the US.

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Other Ancient World Resource Projects

Links to major sites related to specific areas are given in all pages. These sites provide general overviews.

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