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Ancient Legal History: Discussions
  • 2ND Henry Sumner Maine: Ancient Law [At McMaster] [Internet Archive backup here]

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Ancient Near East

Sumeria (c. 3100-c. 2000 BCE)

Akkadia (c.2350-2200 BCE)

Babylonia (c.2000-1600 BCE)

Kassites and Hittites (c.1600-717 BCE)

Assyria (c.1350- 612 BCE)

Chaldea/Neo-Babylonia (612-539 BCE)

Carthage: The Punic Empire

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Gender and Sexuality

  • For Women: WEB Diotima: Ward Texts [All now via Internet Acrhive]
    • Will of Prince Nikaure, son of King Khafre (ca. 2600 B.C.)
    • The Wills of Two Brothers and the Inheritance of One Brother's Wife (ca. 1900 B.C.)
    • Dispute over Property between a Mother and Daughter
    • Marriage Agreement between a Bridegroom and his Father-in-law
    • A Wife Wins a Dispute over Her Inheritance
    • A Woman Charges her Husband with Wife Abuse
    • A Father's Promise to his Daughter in Case of Divorce
    • A Woman Asks an Oracle to Settle a dispute over land
    • The Will of Amonkhau in Favor of His Second Wife (ca. 1100 B.C.)
    • A Daughter's Double Inheritance of Family Property (13th c. B.C.)

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People of Israel

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The Hellenistic World

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Civil Wars and Revolution

  • Cicero (105-43 BCE)
    • Cicero (105-43 BCE): On the Laws, excerpts from Books II and III [At this Site]
    • Cicero (105-43 BCE): On the Republic, excerpts from Book I [At this Site]
  • The Roman Candidate, 64, 54 BCE [At this Site]
    Quintus Cicero, Letter to His Brother Marcus Cicero, on the problems of running for office.

The Principate to 192 CE

Later Roman Law

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Late Antiquity

Military Revolution and Government

The "Triumph" of the Church

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